Royal Biography, Princess Tarakanova: Yelizaveta Alekseyevna Tarakanova.


   An individual who went by multiple names, such as Knyaginya Vladimirskaya or Princess Vladimir – Fraulein Frank and Madame Tremouille. She was born in 1745 and died in 1775. She was, by her claim, the daughter of Empress Elizabeth Petrovna & Count Alexei G. Razumovsky, a Ukrainian born Russian Cossack who was rumored to be the morganatic spouse of the Russian empress Elisabeth. By definition, a left-handed marriage(another word for Morganatic marriage) meant that two people of unequal societal rank would’ve prevented the passing of the husband’s titles and privileges to the wife and, any children born of that marriage. So even if this Princess was telling the truth. The titles and numerous estates that he received in Moscow and elsewhere would’ve never went to her. Her claims to be the daughter of both Empress Elizabeth and Count Alexei G. Razumovsky becomes strange. She out of now where claims to be the sister of Yemelyan Ivanovich Pugachev (The man who lead a large Cossack & Peasant rebellion.) or Pugachev’s Rebellion to keep it short and simple. Funnily enough, he also claimed himself to be Emperor Peter III. His father and mother, according to sources, were Ivan Pugachev & Anna Pugacheva, dismissing any credible statements from Princess Vladimir. Unfortunately for her, however, she would meet her demise soon on the ship of Alexei G. Orlov who seduced her with the promise of marrying her. On that ship, she was immediately arrested and sent to ST. Petersburg where she would die in Peter and Paul Fortress, alone.

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I enjoy the sounds of birds and the peacefulness from the seas. I love nature and the beauty it offers man and reminds them everyday the importance of life and God's presence in many of them. I am someone who takes joy in Royal histories and biographies

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