Cleopatra’s Forgotten Sisters: Part One

To Know Thyself

Many people know the story of Cleopatra VII whose lovers most famously included Julius Caesar and Marc Antony. What is less well known is the fate of her elder sister Berenice IV and her younger sister Arsinoe IV. Unfortunately, much like their sister Cleopatra VII, both young princesses came to untimely ends.


The Ptolemaic dynasty, while an Egyptian dynasty, was of Greek origin. After Alexander the Great’s death his vast empire was divided among his generals (Figure 1).The region of Egypt was bestowed upon the general Ptolemy. And in 336 BCE he became the first ruler of the Ptolemaic dynasty which ended in 31 BCE with the Cleopatra we know today.


The last legitimate heir to the Ptolemaic dynasty was Ptolemy XI Alexander II. He was killed by his own people after…

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