Kingdom of Hungary: St. Stephan

During the time in Europe where being a Christian was very important, Hungary, who was still seen as a pagan worshipping nation was often seen as troublesome by neighboring Christian nations. Who would make defense pacts in case they would get attacked by a non-christian nation such as Hungary. However, Geza, the Grand prince of the Hungarians who often was noted as cruel and strict wanted to make peace with Christians who were now granted the security and hospitality if they wished to enter his domains. Giving clerics and monks alike the “Germination of the seed of true faith sown in the garden of his heart”. 

A written document states that many of the inhabitants residing in Hungary were baptised. However, even though Geza and many others were baptised. Many, including Geza himself still followed the Pagan traditions. To outsiders looking in, it didn’t look honest or true. 

However, when he died. There became an issue involving St.Stephan and Koppany(Cupan), Duke of Somogy were in conflict. The familial feud between the two was that, since St.Stephan was trying to gain his right to the throne using the Christian law, Primogeniture. However, Koppany, did not agree with this law. His opposition to St. Stephan practicing the Christian law perhaps further reduced Koppany’s chances to the throne because in the eyes of those who were very pious. It’s only fair, by Christian law, that Stephan become King. To oppose this right would be opposing the Divine Right. It was St.Stephens Divine right to rule, not Koppany. Koppany was still following the traditional seniority law which to many others made them realize that Koppany was never truly Christian, since he still held old pagan customs. When St. Stephan eventually won this conflict, he was crowned King of Hungary, by none other then the representative of God himself, Pope Sylvester II. Thus began Hungary, as no longer a pagan nation but a Christian kingdom ruled by a Christian ruler, St. Stephen who finally established Hungary as a Christian Kingdom.

Published by Kervin

I enjoy the sounds of birds and the peacefulness from the seas. I love nature and the beauty it offers man and reminds them everyday the importance of life and God's presence in many of them. I am a French Monarchist and one who takes joy in Royal histories.

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