Difference between Edwardian Era and Victorian Era

Simply speaking, the reasoning behind the names “Victorian Era” & “Edwardian Era” is due to the fact when Alexandrina Victoria was made Queen on the 20th of June . Did a new era begin with Queen Victoria at its head and the same reasoning is implied into the “Edwardian Era”. When her son, nicknamed “Bertie” became King, did a new era with Edward VII (Edwardian Era, 1901) as the new King of the United Kingdom of Great Britain & Ireland and Emperor of India began. 

The Edwardian Era: Meant a new way of seeing things, how people act. During his reign, Edward VII did not follow Queen Victoria’s strictly conservative way. Instead, he made it more lax when it came to how one conducts oneself. Additionally, during Edward’s reign, did his Kingdom begin witnessing the citizenry using invented tools (Car – Electricity, etc). With all of this happening, The United Kingdom was no longer the world in which Queen Victoria knew and was born in. Which is why, during the Victorian Era: You would not see many of the inventions being utilized as often as they were during Edward’s Reign. Which is why, it would make sense why these two eras are so drastically different.

Which is why, it’s quite true when Thomas Carlyle writes, “The time for levity, insincerity and idle babble & play-acting, in all kinds, is gone by, it is a serious, grave time.”

Published by Kervin

I enjoy the sounds of birds and the peacefulness from the seas. I love nature and the beauty it offers man and reminds them everyday the importance of life and God's presence in many of them. I am a French Monarchist and one who takes joy in Royal histories.

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