Kingdom’s that were lost after ww2

During the height of or perhaps, even before it all happened. The 2nd Great war was a test of endurance for many of Europe’s Kingdom’s and Monarchies. This did not include just Europe, all Monarchies and Kingdoms alike, during the 2nd World War also included those in other parts of the world.

To start, Italy being the most famous and well known. When Victor Emmanuel III became King of Italy on March 17, 1861. His reign became plagued with his inaction towards the rise of facism. When people were begging him to return from his vacation in Tuscany. While he was busy in Tuscany, enjoying himself, people in Rome were fearful of a coup from Mussolini. Even though he did eventually come, Victor Emmanual III likely was in contact with Mussolini before coming back to Rome. The King of Italy, unfortunately, was left unprepared by his father who was assassinated by an anarchist. Not realizing that the man whom the Italian King liked so much, that he also would read his newspaper “Popolo d’italia”, despised him greatly. The King’s inaction and ignorance to evil led to multiple deaths and imprisonment. And through this Evil, King Emmanuel invaded its neighbor, Albania and force it’s King to fight for its people’s preservation and It’s Kingdom. However, King Zog would eventually lose and be removed. The King would, with consent, join Mussolini to fight alongside the 3rd Reich which would mark Italy as being a member of the Axis power. The actions of fascism and Victor Emmanuel III willingness to continue working with the Nazi’s and fascism would lead the Kingdom of Italy to its eventual demise.

Next, Bulgaria. During the 2nd great war, the Bulgarian King Boris III sat on his throne after his father decidedly abdicated during Bulgaria’s defeat in WW2. Dealing with political instability and occasional border wars with the Greeks. Boris III would, with the support of the 3rd Reich, adopt a law that would target the very own people he, as a King, is obligated and is responsible to look after and protect. However, he did no such thing. Showing himself as a not true King, he would adopt a policy called “Law for Protection of the Nation ” which would revoke citizenship to Bulgarian jews, even if they’ve lived in Bulgaria for centuries, longer than other self-titled natives. Like Nazi Germany, the Bulgarian King would enact a series of restrictions that would exclude them from public service and politics, they would no longer be allowed to live freely anywhere, even if they had the wealth to live further away from conflict. They no longer had the right to economic means and were stripped and prevented from any and all professional activity and lastly, a complete removal of their homes, even if, again, they lived in Bulgaria for centuries and assimilated thoroughly into Bulgaria. Boris III, no longer became a King, in my opinion, when he pushed for such a policy. To go after one’s own citizens as King contradicts the obligations of the Crown. Because the Bulgarian King did what he did, he was given territories as compensation. However, he has proven himself a victim of evil and selfishness and shown that he is willing to betray his own people loyal to him, for territories that are arbitrarily drawn on a map. Thus, just like King Victor, would Boris III seal the fate of not just his Kingdom but his people as well.

Next up, Romania. Evolving from a personal union of two principalities(Which were Moldavia and Wallachia) and obtaining her independence from the Ottoman Empire after the war of the Romanian War of Independence. The Kingdom of Romania was new and was without political issues. During the beginning of the 2nd Great War. The Soviet Union was becoming a great threat and a worrisome enemy that needed to be dealt with either through war or through alliances. An unfortunate situation to be placed in. As of now, the only power close by that would be a wall against the Soviet Union’s incursion would be the 3rd Reich and so, to protect her territorial integrity . Romania joined Nazi Germany. However, the lack of faith towards each other and God and the willingness to dance with the devil would lead to King Carol being forced to transfer powers to Antonescu and eventually being forced to step down to bring his son, Michael who would himself eventually lead a coup against Antonescu but by then, it would be to late as the Soviet Union would soon march her armies into Romania. 

Next, Yugoslavia. With the King of Yugoslavia saying “Save Yugoslavia! & the Friendship w/ France!”. Was a statement that had historic meaning to the 1st Great War. Especially with France who had a long relationship with Yugoslavia. However, after WW1, many nations suffered and France was not immune to this. Yugoslavia had a hostile relationship with Italy and eventually Germany.  After annexing Austria,  would Germany neighbor Yugoslavia. The Royal Government of Yugoslavia under great pressure tried to delay the inevitable but with French capitulation, she was left alone. Prince Paul of Yugoslavia, through Germany supported individuals, would lead a coup against the Royal Crown and place Peter II with the Crown after proclaiming him of age. However, Hitler and his fierce Anti-Monarchical party would not honour the Tripartite Pact and bomb Belgrade, leading to the eventual capitulation of The Kingdom of Yugoslavia. There were attempts by those loyal to the Crown leading resistance but it was not enough to defend itself against the 3rd Reich and the growing dictatorial political groups that would further lead the Kingdom of Yugoslavia and the nation itself into separation. 

To end, it’s an unfortunate fate that befalls Kingdoms all in part due to the King’s selfishness and fears. When they begin to lose themselves they’ve ultimately doomed there people that relies on them for guidance . To me, to lose the Crown would be the symbolic equivalent of God turning away from you after what has been done. 

Published by Kervin

I enjoy the sounds of birds and the peacefulness from the seas. I love nature and the beauty it offers man and reminds them everyday the importance of life and God's presence in many of them. I am a French Monarchist and one who takes joy in Royal histories.

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