Kingdom’s that were lost after ww2

During the height of or perhaps, even before it all happened. The 2nd Great war was a test of endurance for many of Europe’s Kingdom’s and Monarchies. This did not include just Europe, all Monarchies and Kingdoms alike, during the 2nd World War also included those in other parts of the world. To start, ItalyContinue reading “Kingdom’s that were lost after ww2”

The Royal theory behind “Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary.”

The theory behind “Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary.” An English nursery rhyme that would eventually find itself being read by multitudes of people, was quite interesting and in fact, a very thought provoking theory was founded to be referencing Queen Mary and another interesting Monarch. For example, it is believed that the rhyme is referencing QueenContinue reading “The Royal theory behind “Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary.””

Kingdom of Hungary: St. Stephan

During the time in Europe where being a Christian was very important, Hungary, who was still seen as a pagan worshipping nation was often seen as troublesome by neighboring Christian nations. Who would make defense pacts in case they would get attacked by a non-christian nation such as Hungary. However, Geza, the Grand prince ofContinue reading “Kingdom of Hungary: St. Stephan”